PDF & Video Resources

The resources here are what we and our partners have come up with to help you to plan and make your film. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Some of the PDFs contain links to other resources and websites, so to use them easily we recommend that you save them to your computer.

The Lowdown Award

The Health Promotion Agency is sponsoring The Lowdown Award for a film that focuses on social inclusion and mental wellbeing as a sustainability issue for young people.

Here's a flyer to help get you thinking:

The Outlook for Someday - The Lowdown Award

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is part of the Department of Conservation’s national strategy to connect young people to the natural world.

It includes Big Idea and Values about how we are part of the natural world around us and how we can make a difference.

DOC is again sponsoring the Big Picture Award for a film focusing on one or more of the Big Ideas and Values.

To help get you started check out this document:

The Outlook for Someday - Show Us You Get The Big Picture

And watch ‘Bugman’ Ruud Kleinpaste in the short film below.

Sustainability Guides

These two guides are to help you think about sustainability in relation to your film:

The Big Idea
Courtesy of Global Focus Aotearoa

A Māori Perspective On Sustainability

Film-making Guides

These two documents are specifically about film-making:

Taking Your Idea To The Screen

Technical Guide

Yucky Bugs with Ruud Kleinpaste

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