Music & Sound Effects

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Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects

If you are using royalty-free music or sound effects in your film for The Outlook for Someday you need to provide information about the music including its title, where it has been sourced and (if applicable) the Creative Commons licence that applies to it or the Public Domain Mark..

You also need to comply with any requirements regarding credits for any music or sound effects which you have used in your film.

You can read about Creative Commons internationally and in New Zealand.

There are six Creative Commons licences. You can click on ‘View License Deed' for each of the six licences and print a copy of the Deed.

Of the six licences you can use four of them for material included in a film for The Outlook for Someday. They are:

  • Attribution
  • Attribution-ShareAlike
  • Attribution-NonCommercial
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

You can also use material which is in the public domain for inclusion in a film for The Outlook for Someday. You can read about the public domain and you can view and print the Public Domain Mark.

This is what you need to do if you use material in your film for The Outlook for Someday which is either in the public domain or available for use under a Creative Commons licence:

  1. In the credits of your film include the title of the material (eg the name of the music track or sound effect which you are using) and the web address of the page where you downloaded the material.

  2. With your Entry Form include a printed copy of the relevant Creative Commons Deed or the Public Domain Mark.

    On that printed page write the title of the material and the web address of the page where you downloaded the material.


The Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads.


Wikispaces has a list of copyright-friendly music and sound sites.

Vimeo Music Store

Find tracks to use in your videos for an affordable price - with lots for free.


A extensive collection of Creative Commons licensced music.

Sonny Boo

A site with a collection of usable music downloads. Make sure you credit the composer and at the end of your film.

The Freesound Project 

Free samples you can download.


A site with free sound loops and sound effects.

Partners in Rhyme

General sound effects, public domain sound effects, free royalty free sound effects.

IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library

"Our goal is to create a virtual library containing all public domain music, as well as music from composers who are willing to share their work with the world without charge."


An online music library of copyright free (public domain) music.

Nature Sounds For Me

A site with sounds produced by animals and by natural phenomena such as weather.


SoundSnap is an online platform for downloading a wide variety of downloadable sounds. You must pay to download sound effects.

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