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Rockstock rich mineral stone paper is a ground-breaking high quality coated paper with outstanding environmental values.

Since 2011 it has been used for printed materials of The Outlook for Someday.

Rockstock claims to be the world's most environmentally friendly paper. It is manufactured from ground down waste stone and offcuts used in the building industry. It contains no wood fibre.

Rockstock has a low carbon emission. It uses significantly less energy to produce than wood fibre paper. It generates no effluent in its manufacture. It requires no water, acid, base, bleach or optical brighteners like titanium dioxide during production.

Rockstock is recyclable, photo-degradable and compostable (under ideal conditions). Any trimmings or waste paper from production are recycled. The recycled stone paper is made into new paper, wrapping paper and other new products.

Rockstock can be used in most situations where conventional and synthetic paper is used. It offers exceptional printing, water proofing, freezer, greaseproof and tear resistant qualities. It is available in weights ranging from 50gsm through to 600gsm in a wide range of options including papers and boards, self adhesive, and thermoforming boards.

Rockstock is certified with Environmental Choice in New Zealand and Cradle to Cradle Silver, ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHs, REACH, FDA Food Grade and others at the paper mill.

Rockstock was the Energy Globe National Award winner in 2015.