The Body Shop Someday Awards 2018

St. Matthew-in-the-City, Auckland
6 December 2018

Watch the complete ceremony here.

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Live Stream

The Body Shop Someday Awards 2018
St Matthews-in-the-City, Auckland, New Zealand – 6 December 2018 

00:00 - Welcome by MCs - Ronnie Taufalo and Liesha Ward Knox

02:24 - Mihi - Whetu Silver

05:03 - Introduction by MCs

07:58 - Chris Widdup and Ilai Amar, Co-Directors

16:30 - Prizes introduced by MCs

19:22 - What Now Primary/Intermediate School Film-makers Award
Presented by: Ronnie Taulafo, What Now
Winning Film: Sustainable People On Banks Peninsula by Marco Varray

27:45 - Red Carpet TV Secondary School Film-makers Award
Winning Film: Nature In Trouble by Cocker and Cole Productions

34:02 - HEIHEI Primary/Intermediate School Performance Award
Presented by: Briar Davies, HEIHEI Children’s Platform
Winning Film: A Difference by Poppy Peate, Weiyi Jiang, Liam Parry, Alysha Watene, Claire Cruse, Kaitlin Hay, Yubin Han

38:01 - Tearaway Secondary School Performance Award 
Presented by: Chris Widdup, Connected Media
Winning Film: Time Capsule by Jessica Arlund

41:34 - Photogear Cinematic Award 
Presented by: Jeff Shen, Photogear
Winning Film: A Conversation About The Weather by Hunter Williams

46:15 - Weta Digital Media Award
Presented by: Kyan Krumdiek, Someday Storyteller 2018
Winning Film: Jimmy's Garden by Team Ridsdale

49:52 - Upstart Magazine Storytelling Award
Presented by: Mia Maramara, Someday Storyteller 2018
Winning Film: Te Riri o Mataaho by LBP TV

53:53 - Rockstock Sustainable Lifestyle Award
Presented by: Alan Good, The Stone Paper Company 
Winning Film: Single Use by MiknXav

57:51 - Vista Foundation Media Empowerment Award
Presented by: Julie Cadzow, Vista Foundation
Winning Film: Dear Grief by Luka Wolfgram

1:02:26 - Karma Cola People and Planet Award
Presented by: Ana Bojceva, Karma Cola
Winning Film: All for One Lockers Project by Yashna Kumar

1:05:53 - Music performed by Brody & Ben

1:11:33 - Stephens Lawyers Young Voices For Change Award
Presented by: Michael Stephens, Stephens Lawyers
Winning Film: Anyone by Pieta Prouting, Heidi Vogel, Emma Miron, Gerogia Lowe, Libby Geary

1:15:03 - Auckland Council Film-maker Award
Presented by: Cr Wayne Walker, Auckland Council
Winning Film: Gaming Addiction by Raiyan Khan, Andrew Ma, Farhaan Mohammed

1:19:07 - The Lowdown Award
Presented by: Joanne Boyle, Mental Health, Health Promotion Agency
Winning Film: Ari's World by Irava Upu

1:24:09 - Ministry of Youth Development Community Participation Award
Presented by: Deborah Russell, Member of Parliament for New Lynn
Winning Film: The Beach Restoration Day! By Neve Curtis, Addisyn Lawrence

1:28:24 - Department of Conservation Big Picture Award
Presented by: Colleen Smith, Department of Conservation
Winning Film: Stuart the Penguin by Timothy Wallace

1:31:30 - The Pasifika Award
Presented by: Penina Momoisea & Hanalei Temese, The 
Winning Film: Keep the Faith by Terry Cheng

1:35:01 - Māori Television Whakatipuranga Award
Presented by: Kathryn Graham, Māori Television
Winning Film: What Matters Is by Luka Wolfgram

1:40:23 - Villianesse Young Women Film-makers Award
Presented by: Ruby Harris, Someday Champion
Winning Film: Are You Up For The Fight To End Sexual Assault? By Emma Squared

1:43:39 - Enviroschools Sustainable Future Award
Presented by: Sandy Bell-Jameson, Enviroschools Programme Development Coordinator, Toimata Foundation
Winning Film: MI Culture by MI Short Films

1:48:34 - New Zealand Film Commission Film-making Achievement Award
Presented by: Dale Corlett, New Zealand Film Commission
Winning Film: GRIT by Geoff Chen

1:53:46 - Stuff Audience Choice
Presented by: Carol Hirschfield and Caron Copek, Stuff
Winning Film: A Difference

2:00:00 - NZ On Air Standout Winner
Presented by: David Jacobs, Founding Trustee & Former Director, Connected Media
Winning Film: Dear Grief by Luka Wolfgram

2:09:33 - Haka

2:10:44 - Final Speakers (John Proctor, David Jacobs, Whetu Silver)